Roland Hemming, You’re Going to The Rose Bowl!!

I’m so grateful to all 398 of you who visited my blog over the last few days, and to the 117 who took the time to enter my contest.  Lisa read each entry to me.  (It’s been a long morning!)  While I enjoyed them all, Roland Hemming’s touched me the most.

Roland is a registered nurse who works on the intensive care unit (ICU) of a major hospital in Los Angeles.  He is 41 years old and resides in the San Gabriel Valley in Southern California.  Before becoming an R.N., Roland lived with his grandparents, affectionately referred to as Totty and Dutch.  In exchange for rent, he cared for them.  His grandmother, Totty, had Alzheimer’s Disease, the same illness that my beloved wife, Sylvia, battled so bravely.

Roland wrote, in part:  “It was spending time with my grandparents (when I realized) how important they were to (my) family.  That ultimately made me who I am today.  Nursing is in my blood . . . Whenever I work with an elderly patient, I am sure to give them the utmost care and respect.  Even though they are strangers to me, they may just be a Dutch or a Totty to someone else.”

I hope others will be inspired by you, Roland, and give of themselves as you have.  A person can give in many ways, be it through a chosen career, volunteer work, or simply taking care of their friends and family members in need.

You’ve inspired me deeply, Roland Hemming.  Now go enjoy The Rose Bowl game with a friend on me!

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