About Soul Sherpa

My business was established in 1990 in Los Angeles and continues to grow each year. I specialize in patient healthcare advocacy.  Beginning on June 1, 2012, I began conducting my business under the name SOUL SHERPA ® Healthcare Advocacy.   

  • My client base ranges from high net-worth individuals, to financially secure families, and to less fortunately positioned people whom I assist on a sliding scale or pro bono basis.
  • I am a graduate of Stanford University, 1982.
  • My knowledge of the business and political factors shaping healthcare are the keys to being able to proactively assist my clients. Their protection is my primary concern.
  • My attention to detail is unsurpassed. I often discover errors made in haste or overlooked by other professionals. The result is appropriate and quality healthcare, satisfaction, and financial savings for my clients.  
  • Available for speaking engagements, workshops and seminars.  I am a published author in the patient advocacy field.
  • Stellar references, proof of professional liability insurance, and background check are available upon request.


A Sherpa is a Tibetan person adept in mountain climbing and is acclimated to high altitudes. Often secured as a guide by other less experienced mountaineers to ensure safe passage en route to a high summit (Mount Everest, for example) a Sherpa usually resides on the high southern slopes of the Himalayas.

A Soul Sherpa is an individual with expertise in advising others how to effectively organize and manage their personal business affairs as they or their loved ones age. These areas incorporate (but are not limited to) medical, legal, financial, insurance and emotional matters. A Soul Sherpa possesses the knowledge and compassion to understand the signficance and privilege of successfully accompanying a client along this extraordinary journey.