Following is a general list of services offered by SOUL SHERPA®, a unique personal service company encompassing the management of all areas of life care, with special emphasis on patient healthcare advocacy.  If you are interested in a related subject not specified, your inquiry is still welcome. In most cases, SOUL SHERPA® has the ability to  as­sist you or refer you to a known qualified professional. SOUL SHERPA® welcomes the opportunity to help and earn your trust through its attentive, thorough and ethical professional services.


SOUL SHERPA® is privileged to work with clients between the ages of 26 and 104.  Given the changes beginning in 2014 with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA,) it is especially important to become proactive and informed about the changes in healthcare that will affect each of us.  Reviewing medical insurance plans (private and Medicare) and supplements (including prescription drug coverage,) and explaining these coverages in plain English is just one service SOUL SHERPA® offers.  The company advocates every individual execute a Durable Power of Attorney for  Healthcare, a HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Ac­count­ability Act) release, a POLST (physician’s order for life-sustaining treatment) and appoint a trusted,  informed advocate as part of their arsenal to live the best quality and length of life possible.  SOUL SHERPA® maintains every client’s comprehensive healthcare record and will accompany those clients to medical appointments.  The company is known for its attention to detail, and ensures every doctor’s plan of care is thorough.  Other medical services include monitoring medication schedules and inventory, seeking a second opinion if desired, and handling medical billing issues.  Patient hospitalization oversight and discharge are available 24/7.  The company has never had a client readmitted to the hospital thirty days or less after discharge for the same condition causing their initial hospitalization.


Ranging from a Last Will and Testament to a Living Trust to a sophisticated estate plan, SOUL SHERPA® offers to review your documents in place or those being drafted. Working with your personal and/or estate attorney, SOUL SHERPA® can check the details of your plan, obtain legal clarification where needed, and request restatement if required. The primary goals: ensure your documents are legally compliant, your personal wishes are clearly stated, and every detail examined for accuracy.


Services cover bookkeeping, budgeting, portfolio allocation and evaluating investment strategies. Along with your financial adviser, SOUL SHERPA® adds value to your financial foundation. SOUL SHERPA® verifies financial accounts are properly titled, and your desired beneficiaries (be they individuals, institutions or charities) are properly named. The all-important, potentially glitch-laden safe de­posit box is thoroughly addressed. Pre-addressing contents inventory, registration title and access before the appropriate time provides peace of mind.


Whether coverage is medical, property, liability, umbrella, life, professional liability or long-term care, SOUL SHERPA® can decipher your policy into basic terms. It is crucial your policies are comprehensive in listing applicable coverage types, and each coverage carries adequate amounts. Additional insureds, primary and contin­gent beneficiary listings (if applicable) are other types of issues SOUL SHERPA® will address with your insurance agent to guarantee you and your loved ones are properly protected. SOUL SHERPA® is also experienced working with appraisers. Past projects have involved household contents, collections (art, antiques, jewelry, coins and gold) as well as collections of rare objects.


With over twenty-eight years of experience, SOUL SHERPA® has found incredible rewards  assisting clients of every age group.  Whether fortunate enough to be financially secure or less so, no person is immune to the realities life can bring: the loss of a loved one, coping with frustration as complete independ­ence may no longer be feasible, dealing with declining health, chronic or terminal illness.  The company has worked with clients in their homes, offices, hospitals and long-term care facilities. The ability to support clients undergoing such significant life transitions is an honor and privilege. Working with healthcare professionals and medical institutions, SOUL SHERPA® endeavors to assist in cre­ating a safe, caring and dignified environment for every client.  SOUL SHERPA® maintains contact with accomplished medical professionals, and remains current on the latest medical advances affecting not only seniors but all age groups.