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Lisa Berry Blackstock 

Patient Healthcare Advocate, Educator, Mentor, App Designer

Over 3,000 Hours Spent With Hospitalized Clients  

Available In-Person Nationwide


                                       Hospitalization and Discharge Specialist

Medical Insurance Coverage Negotiation Expertise

Medical Appointment and Bedside Accompaniment Services

Certified Palliative Care Specialist

Brain Surgery Survivor/Trigeminal Neuralgia (2007)


In Business Since 1990

Available 24/7; Will Travel


Healthcare is confusing, and those needing it are at their most vulnerable. Soul Sherpa ® Healthcare Advocacy understands the business and politics affecting healthcare today. With almost thirty years of experience, we assist our clients in person, via Skype, email, and telephone. Patients and their agents/proxies/loved ones contact us regarding advance healthcare planning, as well as from emergency rooms, hospital rooms (especially when told it’s discharge time,) from skilled nursing facilities (SNFs,) and hospice facilities. We are experienced with deciphering insurance claims and medical bills, and successfully appeal prescription and medical procedure denials. 

Initial consultations lasting 20 minutes are offered at no charge. Ongoing consultations are offered beginning at 30 minutes for $75.00. For convenience, credit card payments are accepted. In situations requiring in-person assistance, we offer partial or full day sessions,  with respective rates of $500.00 and $900.00.  Our goal is to provide you with helpful service navigating the healthcare system today, and save you more in healthcare costs than the fees we charge. Experienced negotiating allows us to protect our clients physically, emotionally, and financially, while receiving the quality healthcare that’s medically necessary.

Our new app, Dependable Doc (C,) is free! Designed to teach users the ins and outs of healthcare today, its helpful contents have been learned in the trenches on behalf of protecting our clients. Be proactive and gain the upper hand in a system designed to overwhelm patients during their greatest time of need. Protect yourselves and your loved ones. Stay a step ahead!

DependableDoc© App Now Available!

In response to the ever-increasing demand for independent healthcare/patient advocates, SOUL SHERPA® looks forward to using its invaluable off-the-record interactions with physicians, both independent and hospital-employed (hospitalists) — and its own hands-on experience encompassing 28 years — to guide healthcare consumers with insights and advice when challenged with obtaining quality medical care and ensuring its costs are reasonable. Download our innovative app for helpful tips and questions every patient must ask to ensure thorough care at reasonable prices.

DependableDoc© App Now Available!

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AppLogoThe universal and affordable healthcare promised to Americans has been seriously compromised. Successful lobbying efforts in Washington, DC, totaling $1.2 billion, impacted legislation which became the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) passed by Congress in March 2010. Recent attempts to repeal “Obamacare,” which is seriously flawed, now complicates healthcare accessibility and affordability even more for patients. The recent Tax Reform Legislation passed by Congress in December 2017 contains amendments which will reduce government funding to Medicare and Medicaid, resulting in narrowing healthcare coverage for seniors, the disabled, and those facing financial hardship.

SOUL SHERPA® is proud to present the entire patient advocacy feature beautifully created by Public Television’s award-winning program, Leading Edge. The program’s unique version, which will be hosted by football legend Jimmy Johnson, will be available to every public television station throughout the entire country beginning in November 2014.  At the same time, watch for our commercial!

Thanks to everyone at Nerd Wallet for their interest in my work and spreading the important news every healthcare consumer should know in today’s climate of spiraling medical costs.

If you suddenly received a serious health diagnosis, how prepared are you and your loved ones to cope with the challenge? Are all matters concerning your Last Will and Testament and other legal documents in order? How can you be certain the medical opinion you receive is accurate? Do you know where to search for a second one? While you may not be wealthy, do you understand what the future financial cost to your beneficiaries will be in the event your home is not held in a living trust?  What will your health insurance cover? How can you successfully appeal an insurance denial for reasonable coverage? Who will protect you if you’re told it’s time to be discharged from the hospital but it really isn’t?

SOUL SHERPA® possesses tremendous experience — 29 years — protecting its clients along their medical and personal life care paths. The mission of SOUL SHERPA® is to keep its clients safe, solvent, and educated during whatever medical and aging challenges lie in the future.



280px-Mount_Whitney_2003-03-25A Sherpa is a Tibetan person adept in mountain climbing and is acclimated to high altitudes. Often secured as a guide by other less experienced mountaineers to ensure safe passage en route to a high summit (Mount Everest, for example) a Sherpa usually resides on the high southern slopes of the Himalayas. A Soul Sherpa is an individual with expertise in advising others how to effectively organize and manage their personal business affairs as they or their loved ones age. These areas incorporate (but are not limited to) medical, legal, financial, insurance and emotional matters. A Soul Sherpa possesses the knowledge and compassion to understand the significance and privilege of successfully accompanying a client along this extraordinary journey.

SOUL SHERPA®’s passionate goal is to launch the Peter A. Berry SOUL SHERPA® Foundation, whose mission will be to provide healthcare and life care advocacy education and services, free of charge, to all those in need of assistance.

A hiking Sherpa guides a patient through the sometimes exhilarating, sometimes harrowing journey of navigating our mountain-like healthcare system

Prayer flags with breathtaking Mount Everest in the background

Prayer flags with breathtaking Mount Everest in the background

I serve primarily as an experienced patient healthcare and legal life care advocate and educator who is available 24/7. In business since 1990, I have witnessed many changes to our healthcare system and have insight into new ones that await each of us. Seniors are not the only people who are being affected; it’s everyone at every age, especially as our country embarks upon the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. SOUL SHERPA® views every life — regardless of age, health, or financial status — as priceless.  SOUL SHERPA® offers unique, customized, and confidential patient advocacy, legal life care services, and education aiding in successfully addressing the challenges of navigating medical treatment and recovery in today’s rapidly changing healthcare landscape, whether one’s needs are physical, emotional, or both. The company works with clients in a variety of settings (homes, offices, hospitals, doctors’ offices, care facilities) in various ways (active presence at medical appointments, at hospitals, at rehabilitation facilities, at skilled nursing facilities, at private homes, teaching in community centers and in corporations.) SOUL SHERPA® always travels to its clients.

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