Tricks Hospitals Play, and How To Stop Them

Lee Mowatt is a remarkably positive man, with lots of energy, who is the creator and host of a website promoting the wisdom mature adults can take from the journey of their lives, and become better because of their actions. Here is Lee’s website’s link: Lee heard from many of his listeners that they wanted to hear more about the still relatively unknown practice of independent patient (healthcare) advocates.

When Lee approached Lisa and inquired whether Lisa would be interested in sharing the valuable tips and traps she’s encountered she working as an independent healthcare advocate since 1990, a team combining both of them formed instantly. Earlier this year Lisa was interviewed for a podcast focusing on the pitfalls of hospitalization non-disclosure requiring patients across the country to call on the services of a professional outside the hospital to assist with savvy navigation. The link to the podcast follows:

If you like what you hear, please feel free to share the link with your friends and family. Remember, informed patients experience better outcomes! Thanks for checking in with us!

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