It’s Official! Henry’s “Beyond” With 101st Birthday Party Today

A debate is raging.  Now that Henry’s turned 101 today, he may want to retire from writing his blog because he’s not “Henry At 100” any longer.   While we get it sorted out, we wanted to share some pictures from today’s big day.

HJW 101 BD 2 HJW 101 BD 4

SOUL SHERPA must be working.  It’s practices have taken Henry from a grieving 99 year-old widower suffering a stroke and blood pressure medication overdose in the hospital to a vibrant, sturdy, exercising, football-loving, happy centenarian.

He’s threatening Bob and me with going for super-centenarian status (that’s 110 years old!)  Can SOUL SHERPA be too successful?  I hope so!   In addition to Henry’s happiness, his life with us is saving Medicare a small fortune.  Multiply that several times over and you’re looking at happy seniors and a Medicare system saving an awful lot of funding.

If we each did our part without our actions being legislated by the government, we’d have smaller government and a better society where ALL citizens are valued.  We’d eliminate the need for government healthcare reform because all those capable of voluntarily assisting others in need would be the solution.  Unless we step up, government has no recourse but to try to protect the vulnerable as best it can.  In the meantime, look at what’s happening to the price of our healthcare now.  When the basic medical insurance plans won’t be accepted by the best hospitals and doctors, what kind of reform are we talking about?

SOUL SHERPA’s vote is for stepping up!  Join us.  Make our country a better place by caring for all our citizens!

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