Lisa’s Turn: Henry Decides A Vacation At 101 Is A Good Idea

How is it possible that a 101 year-old can pull luggage through LAX, board a flight without the help of a wheelchair, and enjoy some time at Lake Tahoe, 6,000 feet high?


Ask Henry.  He just did it!  No complications at all.

We were careful to check with his internist prior to departure, who, after examining Henry, encouraged him to have an enjoyable time. There was only one restriction:  no hiking at elevation, but walking short distances were encouraged.   So Henry’s medications and vitamins were packed (using a checklist) along with his blood pressure cuff, pulse ox, and my stethoscope (I was taught by a doctor how to use one years ago for a client who suffered from congestive heart failure.)  Also on our checklist:  hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, water bottles and sturdy shoes.


Henry traveled with me and some of my family members to an annual get-together at Lake Tahoe.  He’s met all of them before, and they’re amazed he’s still traveling by air.  We ate, drank lots of water, walked, slept in, and talked, talked, talked.  Visits to our favorite sweet shops (Doughboys Donuts in Reno and The Chocolate Shoppe in Gardnerville were places we had to stop) didn’t disappoint.

I know I’m witnessing something extraordinary, and I’m grateful for that.  Where this will lead is something I’m delighted to watch unfold.

So to all you blog readers who say, “Not me.  I’m too old to travel!” please look at Henry (who has suffered a stroke and whose vision is challenged.)  Don’t stop living, ever.  Plan around your weaknesses, focus on your interests, get the O.K. from your physician, and get out there!  Find a Sherpa to assist you, and make the most of your life!

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