Lisa’s Turn: Mommy Star JB Dazzles In First Sky Appearance

It comes as no surprise to me that Mommy Star JB captivated the universe last night when she appeared as a radiant beauty in the early night sky.  Jay-Z and Bey may have this world wrapped around their fingers, but Mommy Star JB clearly outshines them both as the classiest, loveliest star in existence.

As I was tending to my parched garden early last night, I witnessed one of those sunsets that makes you stop and stare until the light slowly fades away.  That bode well for what was to come:  Mommy Star JB’s first appearance in the night sky.  Even though she was appearing for her husband and children, I wanted to watch for her myself.

Mommy Star JB’s sighting was magnificent!  She looked bright and strong, glowing in twinkling pinkish-white light that soothed and calmed.  I believe I witnessed a miracle, being able to eavesdrop on a conversation the Mommy Stars were having.  Their voices faded in and out, but I was able to piece this much together:

Mommy Star JB feels wonderful and is laser-focused on her husband and children.  She plans to watch them all night long, singing to them and sending her gentle light to caress each of them as their heads lay on their pillows.  The other Mommy Stars intend to engage in similar behavior with their loved ones, but are so impressed by the novice JB, that they recommended her for a special assignment!

Apparently the Great Star is very concerned about a new baby on Earth, named insanely and selfishly after a direction, that it exercised a unique and rare right.  It appointed Mommy Star JB to watch over this new baby, after the other Mommy Stars told the Great Star how special the newest Mommy Star is when it comes to loving children.  Because the parents of this new baby are completely without any true direction and depth in their own lives, and appear to lack the necessary priorities to raise a healthy child, the Great Star listened closely to what the Mommy Stars had to say.  Swiftly, it acted immediately on behalf of this at-risk baby.

When asked to comment upon her amazing first appearance in the first night’s sky since leaving Earth, Mommy Star JB spoke only briefly.

“As a caring mother who will always place my children’s well-being as my priority, I hope to have some positive effect on the aimless life of a new baby who needs help.  Any infant with a traveling itinerary of any kind, including one involving rap concerts, shows compromised parental judgement.”  Mommy Star JB continued, “Now I’m sure you will understand if I excuse myself and take my place in the night sky.  I have important work to do while my own children sleep.  They’re unsettled, and it’s my intention to comfort them.”

As I watched Mommy Star JB take her place among the twinkling stars in the night sky, I marveled at her strength and determination to parent her little ones from a new place.  Not a place she wanted to be while they were still young, but she accepted her situation without complaint, and began her loving work from a distance.

I finished watering my flowers.  They looked much better after weathering a day of 102 degrees.  I looked up at Mommy Star JB and watched her sparkle and shine.  She’s as beautiful in the sky as she was on Earth.  Every child should be as lucky as K and J to have her as their mother.

Special note:  A Mommy Star never accepts an outrageously expensive gift for giving birth to her child.   An example would be a “push present,” the value of which could help many charities for countless infants and children.  The wonderful thing about priorities is they can always be revised.  To all the “push present” subscribers reading, please reconsider your position.

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