(1) The 30 Second Chair Stand Test and (2) NAHAC

This two-part blog is (1) entertaining and true, as well as (2) newsworthy and serious.  I know it seems to be an unusual pairing, but whenever I can get Lisa to type for me I’ve got to take advantage of that precious opportunity.

Item 1:  The 30 second chair stand test.  This is an exercise my physical therapist, Jeff Cooper, owner of Newbury Park’s Recooperation Physical Therapy, challenged me to yesterday.  I sat in the middle of a chair with a straight back.  Jeff instructed me to cross my arms in front of my chest.  Then he started his stop watch and told me to stand up and sit down repeatedly for 30 seconds.  After half a minute was up, he was amazed I completed 28 repetitions.  He told me I was off the charts.

Then Lisa drove us home.  She took a shot at the test.  Remember, I’ll be 101 on the 4th of July.  Lisa just turned 53 last week.  She hikes for hours and never stops moving (unless she’s sleeping, when Bob tells me she sleeps soundly, never waking during the night.)  After 30 seconds, Lisa completed 16 repetitions.  How can that be?  I moved almost twice as fast as she did.  Must be that SOUL SHERPA rehabilitation program she designed for me 16 months ago!  Since my November 2011 stroke, I haven’t been back to a hospital or rehabilitation center and have no intention to return.  You’re welcome, Medicare!

Item 2:  Last week SOUL SHERPA became the 202nd member of NAHAC (National Association of Healthcare Advocacy Consultants.)  The group has been in existence just a few years and is based out of Berkeley, California.  Lisa is grateful to have joined a group of healthcare advocates to share with and learn from.  If my 90s and 100s are any indication, having a healthcare advocate will be as common as a person having an accountant and a dentist.  A person you cannot live without.  A person who helps you live your longest life and the best quality life possible.  All without huge medical costs and remaining part of a family in a comfortable home.  That’s what I call smart aging!

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