We’re on LinkedIn and Have A New Mission

What started out as an enjoyable side diversion, college BCS championship football and the NFL playoffs leading to the Super Bowl, has surprisingly turned into a surge in reader viewship and inquiries.  Not one to let opportunity slide by, Lisa is branching out SOUL SHERPA’s services to include younger clients, focusing on those men and women who are professional athletes.  Never, ever, could I have imagined that at almost 101 years old I’d be involved as the blogger for a growing service company that involves one of my passions, sports.  I believe it’s one of the reasons I’ve lived this long, and one of the reasons I want to keep on living.

If you’re interested in the details, Lisa has joined LinkedIn where you can read all about her expansion plans.  If you go to our home page and look in the top right corner you will see our “Contact Information” box.  The last link will connect you to LinkedIn.  SOUL SHERPA hopes by adding a younger clientele to its roster, these men and women will benefit by having what I already do:  a professional healthcare advocate.  Lisa’s first-hand experience with brain injury and recovery, and access to the best neurologists in the country, combined with her experience in emotional well-being, estate planning and financial management, makes her a natural fit with elite, successful athletes.

Younger generation, the race is on for you to catch up with me!  And don’t say you weren’t warned in advance.  I can move, thanks to my supervised physical workout program Lisa’s had in place for me the last 14 months.

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