Is That Prince William or a Client Who’s a Professional Athlete?

Now that Lisa’s expanded SOUL SHERPA and is accepting professional athletes as clients, I asked her just how many professional athletes does she know?  Turns out she’s SO confidential, she won’t even tell me.

I can tell you she’s never discussed the details of her business dealings with me, but I do know she works out a lot.  Between hiking, yoga, landscaping, and home remodeling (yes!) I wonder why she’s not a professional athlete herself.

“Henry,” she tells me, “there’s no professional sport covering my personal interests.”

Well, that may be, but not too long ago she and Bob went on a trip and came back with this photo.

I took one look, and even with my bad vision, asked Lisa, “Is that Prince William with you and Bob?”

Lisa looked at me and smiled.  Not a word.  So what do you think?  Who is this guy with Lisa and Bob?Lisa, Bob and one additional athletic guy join together

for a day of white water river rafting.  All survived!

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