Introducing Our Patient Assistance App

DependableDoc (C) enables patients and their loved ones to learn the ABCs of patient rights in a clear and simple app format. Whether you find yourself in an emergency room, a rehabilitation facility, staring at an outrageous medical bill, or countless other unwanted (yet all too familiar) healthcare scenarios, our app provides healthcare consumers with helpful tips and important checklists for valuable reference.

Healthcare has become extremely confusing today. Changes occur on a regular basis, making it difficult for patients and those who care for them to understand the difference between legitimate policies and procedures and those that simply aren’t. DependableDoc (C) enables healthcare consumers to push-back against practices that aren’t fair or legitimate.

Those in need of healthcare are often vulnerable and in desperate need of accurate information when it comes to protecting themselves and their loved ones. The app will be updated regularly to reflect frequent changes in healthcare law and providers’ always-changing procedures in response to new regulations and guidelines. Unfortunately — yet wisely — it’s a good idea today to verify what you’re told by medical insurers, hospital personnel, and physicians’ offices with the facts contained in DependableDoc (C.) If you need more assistance than the app contains, users will find links to patient advocates nationwide if they desire professional assistance.

DependableDoc (C) is available for iPhone/iPad and Android use.

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