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We all know it’s coming, the supposed overhaul of our nation’s healthcare system.  The overhaul that will finally allow all Americans access to affordable and universal coverage.  It sounds like a heavenly concept.  SOUL SHERPA® wants to believe it’s true, but is hesitant because it’s seen some contradictory information before open enrollment even begins on October 1st.

In response, Lisa has created a fall 2013/winter 2014 educational series of in-person workshops, complete with outlines and guidebooks, designed for small groups of people, community and religious organizations, small businesses and corporations.  The goal of each workshop is to engage all attendees, provide education, and allow an open forum where Lisa can answer participants’ questions and listen to their concerns and challenges.  Each attendee will leave each workshop with valuable information, allowing each to formulate a response, suited to each of their own preferences, to potential glitches caused by the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) which begins on January 1. 2014.  SOUL SHERPA® intends to provide its clients with the proper resources to create a safe and secure healthcare environment for themselves and their loved ones, regardless of the success (or problematic glitches) caused by the ACA rollout.

Safety and security are invaluable in this uncertain healthcarebtime.  Our friends below, who just appeared in the comfortable backyard belonging to Allison (one of Lisa’s three younger sisters) are a good example of how SOUL SHERPA® wants its readers to feel when their medical and emotional wellbeing is at issue.  This one picture says it all:

Baby rabbits are safe and secure in Allison's background. Photo courtesy of Allison Condlin.

Baby rabbits are safe and secure in Allison’s background. Photo courtesy of Allison Condlin.

If only life for people was as simple!  We all know it isn’t, so SOUL SHERPA® is offering these workshops as an alternative to passively sitting back and doing nothing in the face of great healthcare change.  Take a look at the subjects being offered, and see which one(s) appeal to you:

How Will the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Affect My Life?

Physical and Emotional Health Work Hand-In-Hand

How To Properly State Your Medical and Life Care Wishes

Visiting Your Physician — Communication is Key

Effectively Managing Your Hospital Stay

What a Successful Hospital Discharge and a Space Shuttle Launch Have In Common

Managing Medications, Hydration, and Balance

Recovering From a Fall IS Possible

The Fear of Aging

Coping With Grief and Loss

For Caregivers:  Team SOUL SHERPA®

Why Can’t I Sleep?

Living With Chronic Pain

Coping With Loss of Physical Independence

I May Be Getting Older, But Look At What’s Getting Better!

Each workshop’s presentation is tailored specifically for each group attending.  Sessions will run between 45 to 90 minutes, depending upon the requesting group’s preference.  SOUL SHERPA® will travel to you, with educational materials in hand.  Workshop fees are sliding scale, so no one will be left out.

Take care of your healthcare future by becoming informed and educated.  SOUL SHERPA® looks forward to meeting you this fall and winter.  Contact Lisa at 818.512.6803 or email her at:  She’s ready to help.

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