Mr. Keith Richards, Get Your POLST in Order Prior to Touring

Mr. Richards, good news today as I learned that you, Mr. Jagger, and company will be embarking upon a nine-city North American leg of The Rolling Stones’ 50 and Counting tour at The Staples Center in Los Angeles.  Bob and Lisa are anxiously awaiting announcement of the date.  Since my hearing is so bad, I’m afraid I’m going to have to pass.  (But wouldn’t it be something if a centenarian attended a Rolling Stones concert?)

Just a word of warning to the wise before you gents take to the road.  Go visit your doctor and complete a POLST (physician’s order for life-sustaining treatment.)  It’s an important medical document to have before something lands you in the hospital.  I’m not implying you will end up in a Los Angeles area medical center.  It’s just that I look at you and marvel how you keep going.  Akin to the Energizer Bunny.  You look a bit run down, Mr. Richards.  If the tour takes a toll on you, your POLST will let your medical staff know in advance exactly what types of life-sustaining treatments you desire.

I hope your health holds.  In the event it doesn’t, your POLST will speak for you if you cannot.  Good luck on the tour.  Take it from a centenarian who is holding his own pretty well:  Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do when you’re on the road.  You’re not in Las Vegas, where antics supposedly stay put.  You”ll be in Los Angeles, where the paparazzi will hunt you down and expose everything about you.  Just ask that young kid, Justin Biel.  Oh, sorry.  Lisa tells me it’s Beiber.  I was thinking of that lovely Jessica Biel woman.  You know, the one married to Justin Timberline.  Like the lodge in Oregon.  I think.

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