Lisa’s Turn: Yes, It’s True, Henry is Officially 102 Today!

SOUL SHERPA® has been so busy since the first of the year with the introduction of questionable universal healthcare coverage, our blogging are been non-existent.  Clients, sadly, are being turned away, as the company is on overdrive working at full capacity.  We realize our limitations working one-on-one with individual clients.  As a result, SOUL SHERPA® is exploring options focusing more on education.  Our goal is to reach more people — prior to a healthcare crisis — and teach them how they can be effective patient advocates and life care planners.

In the midst of all this activity, SOUL SHERPA®’s centenarian blogger, Henry Wasserman, turns 102 on this Fourth of July!  Congratulations, Henry.  Not one hospitalization while you were 101.  No doctor visits other than those regularly scheduled appointments.  Exercise, chocolate, sleep, ice cream, repeat.  This lifestyle of moderation has worked incredibly well for Henry.  Outside of his monthly social security benefit, Henry hasn’t cost our healthcare system one cent.  Contrast his life with that of another senior, living in a nursing home because no other option is available to that person.  Several thousand dollars are billed to Medicare each month for a quality of life that can legitimately be questioned as having any quality at all.

Henry practicing to add color commentary to Stanford Football's 2014 season

Henry practicing to add color commentary to Stanford Football’s 2014 season

Henry granted an interview to The Wall Street Journal last week.  He’s grateful his input was solicited.  SOUL SHERPA® anxiously awaits the publication this month of this story.  We apologize, but we’ve promised not to reveal any details prior to publication.

Today Henry will gather with a small group of close friends to celebrate.  The menu will be his favorite:  Hebrew National hot dogs, B & M baked beans, macaroni salad, and ice cream cake for dessert.  Later this month he’ll be treated to a larger party, which will also celebrate SOUL SHERPA®’s first appearance in the world of television.  Stay tuned for details.

Henry would like to thank his readers for all of their support and wonderful comments.  SOUL SHERPA® would like to thank Henry for being the kind wonder that he is.  May he continue to grace this planet for many more centenarian birthdays to come.  Well done, Henry!  Your friends adore you.  Now have another piece of that ice cream cake, but leave some for us!

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