Lisa’s Turn: Henry’s Going Strong at 101; What Are His Secrets?

Finding myself in the midst of holiday madness, I must force myself to step back and take in the incredible year that 2013 has been.  Patient advocacy is growing.  My special client, Henry, turned 101, and is showing no signs of slowing down.  In fact, he’s continuing to gain strength by staying committed to his stroke recovery program.  A combination of mental and physical exercises, a good diet combined with adequate rest, have proven remarkably successful.

I make certain Henry is provided transportation so he’s able to visit people he’s connected to in a meaningful way.  That emotional bond has proven invaluable to his well-being.  His love of college football, combined with mine, have provided us with much to cheer about.  Stanford, my alma mater, will play in the 100th Rose Bowl on New Year’s Day.  Following this group of intelligent and athletic young men have provided Henry and me something exciting to follow since September.  We haven’t been disappointed.

One can never be certain what allows a person who has suffered devastating health and emotional adversity to bounce back with great resiliency.  In Henry’s case, a healthcare advocate, a life care plan, caring people around him, and hobbies and interests haven’t placed a damper on his outlook.

Henry has taught me much about fighting illness, coping with the loss of a loved one, and never giving up.  In that spirit, we both wish you a beautiful holiday and New Year.  Every one of us needs loving support, positive reinforcement, a knowledgeable patient advocate, and something fun to lighten the serious weights we all carry in one form or another.  For Henry and me, it’ll be the 100th Rose Bowl this New Year’s Day.  Go Cardinal!

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