Chocolates and Donuts and Jets, Oh My!

I’m happy to write I’ll be packing my bag and heading up to Reno and Lake Tahoe tomorrow!

Southwest Airlines (my favorite, thanks to the wonderful birthday party they threw for me in July) will take Bob, Lisa and me up north to visit friends, family and attend to some SOUL SHERPA business.  While we’re there, I’ve insisted we visit some friends of mine in Reno who make the best donuts in the entire world.  We’ll also be driving south of Reno to a small town called Gardnerville, where the best chocolate on the planet can be found.

Watch for my tasting report, which will follow with pictures!  Donuts and chocolate, in moderation, have been an ongoing joy in my life.  I have no intention of giving either of them up in my 100th year.  Besides, I went to physical therapy this morning to rev up my metabolism (as well as improve my strength and balance.)  I want to experience as many happy facets of life while I’m still able, and hope my readers will as well.  That’s why it’s called living!

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  1. Bertha Berry says:

    Hi Henry:

    Enjoyed your blog. Happy to hear you are at 100%. Look forward to seeing you next month
    when I visit. Enjoy the chocolates and donuts! Love, Bert

  2. lisaberryb says:

    Dear Bert,
    Good to hear from you. The weather in Reno is beautiful. We ate dinner outdoors at Whole Foods, then came back to the hotel to watch UCLA beat Nebraska in an incredible finish. Right now Stanford is beating Duke at halftime. They’d better win or else I’ll have two traveling companions with me in a bad mood! Our first stop tomorrow is for my donut tasting survey. Watch for the results!

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