Try to Imagine Turning 101! It’s Even Hard for Me

As if it weren’t enough that I celebrated my centenarian birthday last year on the 4th of July, I find my birthday creeping up on me again.  This time it’s even more incredible because I’ll be 101 years old this July 4th.

Instead of a big party at home with Bob and Lisa, we’ll be travelling this year.  That’s right.  With my own suitcase on wheels, that I’ll pull myself through LAX, we’ll be headed to a northern destination where the scenery is gorgeous.  The doughnuts and chocolate happen to be the best I’ve ever had, too!  My friends up there know what I’m referring to, so get ready to see me soon.

I’m still working out twice a week with my physical therapist.  With the exception of a short break due to a minor hospitalization in April, I’m still getting out every day.  When Lisa agreed to be my healthcare advocate, which has turned into a life care advocate assignment, neither of us had any idea what we were in for.  But each of us has experienced something profound:  Lisa’s commitment to healthcare advocacy has deepened and become a way of life, and I, after suffering a stroke and the loss of my beloved wife of 70 years (Sylvia) to Alzheimer’s, discovered the strength to move forward somewhere deep down inside myself when the easiest thing to do would have been to give up and call it quits.

Growing older isn’t easy, but it is beautiful and real in ways our society pays little attention.  At our home we don’t embrace anti-aging.  We accept time marches on, and we work on our offense in a big way.  We each have faced our mortality and acknowledged someday this wonderful life will end.  We’ve done the responsible thing and stated our medical, emotional, and financial wishes in their properly recognized legal formats.  (Are you still procrastinating?)  With our personal business affairs in order, we’re free to focus on the things we love.  Like football.  Less than 90 days away. Life is sweet.

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