Time for That Fluzone 2012-2013 Syringe (AKA the Flu Shot)

This blog is not too funny or creative, but it’s important.  It’s important for all seniors.  And at 100 years old, I know a thing to two about taking care of myself as a senior.

It didn’t take long.  On Sunday afternoon, October 7th, Lisa brought me to the CVS/pharmacy on Agoura Road in Westlake Village, California.  She filled out the brief paperwork, and within ten minutes I was given a flu shot by the pharmacist, Ryan.  It was quick; not too painful.  I’ve had just a little soreness on my upper left shoulder.  No side effects!  I encourage everyone to get their flu shots now.   These shots are covered by Medicare.  Stay healthy and enjoy all of the wonderful holidays the autumn brings.

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