SOUL SHERPA (R) Now Part of AdvoConnection Speakers Forum

A new public outreach program has just been launched by Trisha Torrey, formidable patient advocate in her own right and force behind AdvoConnection.  This organization provides many consumer resources, including a free national directory of patient advocates located throughout the country.  Now AdvoConnection is offering the public access to experienced advocates who are available to speak to groups throughout the country about the many different challenges and effective strategies every healthcare consumer should know.

I invite my readers to look into this valuable educational service.  Each advocate listed is well-qualified in her own right, and together they offer a wealth of knowledge and practical, important information that should be stored in everyone’s survival kit when dealing with America’s healthcare maze today.  A great idea for senior groups, investment clubs, and neighborhood service groups.

Additional information may be found at:

Read about Lisa’s areas of interest as well as her colleagues by viewing:

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