Great New Contract, Joe Flacco! PHA Included? Better Be!

What an accomplishment, Joe Flacco!  My congratulations to you and your sports agent on negotiating such a lucrative six-year contract as elite quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens.  I cannot conceive of $120 million over six years, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy getting used to the idea fairly quickly.

All media reports Lisa’s read to me concerning you paint a picture of a down-to-earth, family-oriented, friend-of-charities in the Baltimore area kind of guy.  In my book, that you married your high school sweetheart, Dana, and are expecting your second child together later this year puts you at the top of my list of most-admired professional athletes.  You’re in the prime of your life and I wish you nothing but the best.

I heard you personally absorbed the cost of having sixty family members and friends flown to New Orleans last month for the Super Bowl.  What a kind and generous thing to do.  You sound like someone who hasn’t forgotten his roots.  That will keep you grounded and do wonders keeping you physically and emotionally healthy.  Way to go, Joe!

You’re only 28, your parents middle-aged, and I understand you’re lucky enough to have some of your grandparents still with you.  Amazing!  Maybe some of them will live to see 101 years of life, just like me (I’ll be 101 on July 4th.)  Given your generousity and close family, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ll be responsible for their care as they age.  I hope your agent and estate attorney have spoken with you about securing a personal healthcare advocate (PHA) to assist them with physical and emotional strategies as they age.

CNN Money reported yesterday that given the sequester debacle in Washington, D.C., beginning April 1st of this year, Medicare doctors’ pay will be cut by 2 percent.  Doctors will have to decide whether to treat seniors (at a financial loss) or take more patients with private insurance.  Where does that leave an unwell senior without an informed PHA by their side, fighting for quality care?

The best advice you can be given is that which covers your life, and your loved ones, now and in the future.  Your financial resources will be plentiful, but that cannot guarantee exceptional 24/7 physical and emotional healthcare for your beloved family members given our current healthcare system.  Have a look at how SOUL SHERPA can fill in the gaps your agent and estate attorney have likely overlooked.  Healthcare is changing, Joe, and it’s the older generation who will bear the brunt of that change without a 24/7 advocate right beside them.  After them, it will be the younger generation.  You’ve heard it before, “The best defense is a good offense.”  Not only have you heard it, but it’s your job!

Again, congratulations on your great future with the Ravens.  Lisa and I have the NFL draft dates in late April marked on our calendar.  Slowly we’re inching toward the 2013 season.  It can’t get here soon enough!

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