RGIII, Who Truly Has Your Back? (Not to Mention That Knee!)

Given I’m 100 years old, I feel comfortable calling you “Robert.”  Just part of my upbringing.  Around my home, Lisa (she’s my professional health care advocate and football viewing partner) calls you “RGIII.”  So does her husband, Bob.  I suppose it’s a generational thing.

Anyway, Robert, the reason I’m writing is because I know you think you’re Superman (i.e. socks at Heisman Award in December 2011.)  Reality check, young man.  To the one whose athleticism, grace, power and excitement thrills us all, you are a mortal like the rest of us.  You’re a top-notch competitor.  Your fans, your team, your coach, and the Redskins organization adore you.  But take it from me, at 100, the body grows a little older every day.  Even yours.  And each one of us has a responsibility to be smart about how we care for it.

We also need to be certain we’re surrounded by at least one educated medical advocate who can avoid getting pulled into the frenzy that surrounds you when you play.  It’s got to be a person who doesn’t get a percentage of what you make.  It’s got to be someone skilled who can take a step back from the hysteria you understandably cause when you take the field and be objective about your health and safety.

I believe, for your own safety, you should have been taken out of the game last Sunday in the first quarter after you started limping and your mobility was severly restricted.  Not because you’re not tough enough, but because you’re too valuable to sacrifice.

I know it’s over, it’s done.  The blame game is a waste of time and energy.  No one in their right mind believes your coach or doctor ever wanted to see you reinjured.  But remember, all the people who make up the Redskins organization cannot be objective when it comes to evaluating your physical health in the midst of an important playoff game.  They need you, they love your game.  So who can really look out for your back, your injured knee, and the rest of your incredibly gifted (but human) body?

Consider a professional health care advocate, a Soul Sherpa, who understands physical health and the mentality of a competitor.  This person can assist in keeping you strong, have your back, and greatly reduce the liklihood of another serious injury.  Without collecting a percentage of what you earn (this service costs a flat hourly fee that doesn’t change regardless of what you make,) I can tell you my professional health care advocate saved my life at 99 when I suffered a moderate stroke.  A Soul Sherpa works behind the scenes and likes it that way.  That person keeps you in front, looking and feeling strong and healthy.

Robert, you’ve got a ton of talent.  I want to see you continue to energize the NFL for many years to come.  But you’ve got to keep yourself in one solid piece of muscle (especially if you want to live to 100 like me!)  Forget that Pro Bowl game and focus on recovery.  Your fans aren’t going anywhere.  There’s no one quite like you!  And we all want you performing at your best, whenever it’s safe for you to get back on the field.

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