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Introductory Guidebooks – $6.95 each – Shipping and Handling included

From three unique perspectives, learn how something meaningful can be accomplished once we acknowledge our mortality. When the decision is made to live deliberately, on behalf of ourselves as well as others, life becomes more fulfilling.

$6.95 each        shipping and handling included

The Sherpa’s Reward   10/28/09 Release

Experience the fulfillment of being present for someone who needs companionship and support as the aging process marches forward.

The Sherpa's Reward

The Sherpee’s Gift   11/23/09 Release

Read first-hand accounts by people who have received the benefits of a Soul Sherpa’s presence in their lives and been spared journeying alone.

The Sherpee's Gift

The Sherpa Effect   12/28/09 Release

The Great Sherpa of us all provides an accounting speaking to how life is intended to be lived when we each embrace deliberate awareness of ourselves and each other.

The Sherpa Effect

Future Releases

The Fear of AgingFor Caregivers:  Team Soul Sherpa Loss of Physical Independence
For Caregivers:  Team Soul Sherpa
Coping With Loneliness
For Caregivers:  Team Soul Sherpa

Audio CDs Coming Soon

Whether your eyesight is poor, or you’d rather listen than read, these audio CDs provide you with a spoken version of the guidebooks. They will leave you educated and inspired.

Watch For Seminars

Experience an interactive session with Lisa and an audience, a dedicated team of Soul Sherpas, joined together in advocating the value in caring for the aging and/or ill in every society. These seminars provide powerful reinforcement of the valuable information presented in her guidebooks.